Tuesday, November 29

Fragment 64

I'm running out of fragments. I'm running out of dreams.

I could feel her disapproving look. 
"I didn't have a choice," I said. "I couldn't save him. I couldn't." I sounded as if I was trying to convince myself.
Canto was dead. Our only lead was empty and my only friend was dead. 
I could feel Omega's stare. 
I refused to look at her. Instead, I turned to the empty Archive. 
"What happened with it?" I asked. 
"Someone took what was inside," she said. 
"Yes, I got that," I said. "Did you find anything more specific? Anything that, I don't know, points to the person or persons responsible for this latest disaster, since I think it's probably the same person who hired the Golconda. You know, those assassins who killed your entire clan or whatever?" 
I looked at her with my tired eyes and saw only contempt. Meanwhile, I was holding back tears, trying my hardest to stay hard. 
"We'll mourn later," I said. "Information now." 
"Do you still have access to your AI?" Omega asked. 
"Guillemet?" I said. "Yes, I do." 
"Good," she said. "I have a name. This work was very good, very clean, but I've seen it before. I know where it came from. I need to find them." 
"What's the name?" I asked. 
"The Surgeon."

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