Thursday, November 24

Fragment 46

"What story are you writing?" my grandmother asked me in my dreams.

"I'm not writing the story," I said. "You are."

"No," she said, "I already wrote my story. You must write your own."

Another fragment.

Our assault on the Spire ended pretty much how I thought it would: a failure. The Spire was one of the Pinnacles. The Spire was untouchable. All the drones were had reprogrammed were quickly and easily defeated. 
Just as we had planned. 
They traced our hacks and found our location. They moved in with assault teams and police companies. 
The only thing they found were a couple of mechanical Japanese body dolls. The dolls waved at them with jerky motions. 
We were already inside. 
Omega led us directly to the Archive. We were ghosts to security - Omega was such a good hacker, she developed a worm that blurred the screens every time we were in front of them. 
They never saw us coming. 
And yet we were still too late. 
The Archive was empty.

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