Monday, July 11

Interlude 1

Sorry for not posting the next chapter - work again. However, I found this written in the back of the first notebook. I googled it and it turns out that it's a poem from Emily Dickinson:
The Future — never spoke —
Nor will He — like the Dumb —
Reveal by sign — a syllable
Of His Profound To Come — 
But when the News be ripe —
Presents it — in the Act —
Forestalling Preparation —
Escape — or Substitute — 
Indifference to Him —
The Dower — as the Doom —
His Office — but to execute
Fate's — Telegram — to Him —

Also, on an impulse, I googled the Slender Man and it looks like my grandmother was using some sort of internet urban legend for her story. I started reading some of the blogs about the Slender Man, because they look interesting. (You may also notice I changed the look of the blog - I like it more monochrome.  It's noir-ish.)

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  1. Reading about him may have been a bad idea... then again you were already in deep shit when you found the notebook.

    Just... stay safe bro. Sounds crazy to you right now, but it's not an urban legend...