Friday, May 6


My name is Gibson. I'm not much of a blogger - never really had the time or inclination. Then why am I starting this blog? Well, I came across some notebooks kept by my grandmother and found that she had been writing a very interesting story before she passed. I don't know if I can get it published (I haven't even finished reading it, so I don't know yet if it has an ending), but I can certainly share it.

There are six notebooks in total, each filled with my grandmother's tiny scrawl (this is the only indicator that my grandmother wrote them - she has no attribution in the actual text). They read like a journal, but it all takes place in the future, so it's clearly science fiction.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to post online and see what the reactions/reviews were.

The story doesn't really have a name, but inside the cover of the first notebook was written "Beware of Faded Giants." So that's what I'll call it: Faded Giants.

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